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CD PRO,CDM12 clean & CD PRO disassemble

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-29
CD PRO, CDM12 class skinhead metropolis with a period of time does not appear cooler Dudie, Dudie poor or jump discs and so on. Many people thought it was bald aging, to new ones skinhead. New ones of course, light is feasible. In fact, this problem occurs the problem of aging are not bald, but inside the refractor with the shaved head with phototube coated with dust, with the damp and serious also become moldy. It was soaked with water plus detergent cleaning, I can say that more than 90% are unsuccessful. I have engaged in a long time to repair household appliances, for with the M12 also repair many of these VCD bald. Here are these bald spots of the cleaning methods to share with you.
First, clean the top of the lens, this I believe that every will be clean, I will not say more.

The second step clean launch for management. Should first bald shaved head bracket from the unloading, and then use a knife to gently pry out of fluorescent tubes. The original fixed-ray tube the glue will not move, the light tube to go back to relying on the glue positioning, CDM12, 9 categories bald shaved head with CDM1.2.3.4 different structures is that launch with the acceptance of the integration of disturbing the maintenance entail a very great convenience, do not adjust the focus optical path. This is also the development of a leap Philips shaved head. Clean before you prepare a clean cotton swab, cotton must not have such things in hand sweat oil, anhydrous alcohol or pure water, preferably with an ear wash seeking. There is to wash your hands, hands are hands sweat with traces of oil will affect the cleaning effect. Fluorescent tubes with cotton swabs, after knocking James anhydrous alcohol or pure water, gently brush the surface, and then re-use dry cotton swab rub the side of the table side and smooth on it.

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