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DIY Machine

DIY flash power cable

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-23
Light on the power supply is very simple, using an LED light fan, or a few LED lights can be installed inside, not repeat them here. So we are mainly light-emitting transformation of the power cord. First, we have chosen to tin network, beautifying, at the same time can have a very good electromagnetic shielding effectiveness. A few dollars a meter. Heat-shrinkable tube, there is 6cm, 8cm in diameter and so can be available. 1.5-2 yuan one meter. The plastic tube with a phosphor, a few dollars a meter. Push pin device, we can produce their own. Will be a forceps tip, with a small filing, filing filed thin thin can be. Is very easy to use, the effect of more than hundred dollars in back pin on the device, but also very cheap.

For the senior port power directly back pin devices can be used for the fan plug is simple, needles and other small tools, suppress the plugs white card, gently pull one, you can remove the line. Done after the tin, and then plug it.

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