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DIY night vision for car

Source: Author: Time:2009-03-05
Bosch saw some time ago out of night vision systems, feeling still very good, but only ran up such a big thing more depressed. But what the real effect is the use of cardiac me through the Internet looking for large amounts of data, I am prepared yourself DIY look to see if there may have their own night vision system built a road.
the first part of night-vision camera system needs, from the current conditions, let me buy an infra-red night vision is not possible, do not say extravagant treat, use them and I do not think it easy to use, so in Online search information, first of all to see out of an old SONY digital camera with night vision capabilities (along with perspective function, Hehe) specific models do not tell you is that, and there want to know, search the following on the OK of the . The camera price a little expensive, at present have more than 1,000 pieces, for my test, it is rather a waste. So, having read the theory, I know that ordinary digital camera can also be transformed, transformed into infra-red night vision cameras, so I bought an old Canon digital camera 5 million of the A460, to transform. (Do It Yourself peril, do be careful! There is no hands-on experience, the best look for friends to help a friend) specific transformation see below:

I am from used car markets in exchange for Canon digital cameras, 480 yuan, hey, 4x optical zoom, or good, even if a camera certainly good enough for his own house, He He

Remove the front panel off, that is, the above like this.

Demolition to the present, they should be careful, which many of them are flexible circuit boards, is relatively weak. The other point is inside because the flash causes, high-pressure must be careful, do not rely on electricity to be I did not reminded, Hehe

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