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DIY Machine

DIY photo studio with arc lamp

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-08
Warehouse has recently surprised to discover that a ceramic baby Datong, in opportune circumstances, those thoughts in my mind not help simply to be a mini-photo studio to take a look at, but in the next Shiran curiosity, and not any studio for the concept of My case is certainly not a big challenge, so I have to pack valuables, to see if there are no relevant materials and parts on hand, though I do not know the so-called studio materials and parts ~

Light source, site, test doll, probably the same three principles (I guess), a few hours after the ~ Fanxiangdaogui results are: normal LED (white 30), bread plates * 3, 50 LED mini bar light, several Dust has long been a sealed transformer, plus a "Philips" ring naked lights.

As the saying goes , iron, defended by the tin, oblique mouth, beak, meter, etc. ~ are one after another in place,
good ~ to fight the a holy war, my body plus a baby tied to a number of tools in order to-break of the suicide attack carried out since the storm, the LX2 (camera) from the storm under the surveillance of ~ a few hours, the result as the following photos, heroic to become the memories ~

to cut a good pearl board with a fixed silicon Unicorn

Dry in the shade of the shed to wait when you take time to test LED brightness

A simple plug-in way to end assembly of the circuit

With a little silica gel stationary bread plate on the pearl board

3 bread sprinkled with ingredients, and prepared to send the oven

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