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DIY Machine

DIY colorful corona clock

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-13

Sundial made of brilliant color LED clock. The lower right of small map is a conceptual prototype.

this can actually work, LED sundial uses a light source for each scale program, so at first glance it seems, will be greeted by a circle around the dial of the LED (12, each of which Scale 1) ... ... but look closely, you will find the number of actual use of the LED in fact more a matter of fact, each scale has a 3-bit LED, as opposed to dial from low to high vertical array, respectively, seconds for the projection (shadow the longest), the minute hand and hour hand (shortest shadow). When working through the bottom of the circuit board to control each LED Ming eliminate, for example, is responsible for the second hand projection of that lap LED, every 60 seconds cycle time, every 5 seconds on the stars lit LED is off, replaced one to take over ~ more praise is due, when minutes and seconds using a different color LED, which will be mixed on the surface a very brilliant color effects ~

Of course, the limitations of such programs is obvious, the biggest problem is that accuracy, the second hand can be updated every 5 seconds once, but also to accept, minutes and hours are more difficult task, and the minute hand should be updated every 5 minutes, the clock is even more exaggerated, and at intervals of 1 hour to update the ... & hellip ; Well, we appreciate the visual effects and practical ability, ha ha.

Overview of the main components, including a large wooden backplane, four supporting strips of wood, 3 wood used to install LED ring, as well as a sundial pin.

Sequence assembled

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